Snap-On Smile

Perfect Smiles STL is proud to be one of the few dentist that offer Snap-On Smile in St. Louis. Snap-on smile is a simple and affordable alternative to dental implants. Snap-On Smile helps conceal everything from gapped, stained, crooked, and even missing teeth… making smile go from good to great!

What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile fits over your teeth to give the appearance of perfectly aligned teeth. Made of high-tech dental resin, Snap-On Smiles are thin enough that your smile looks and feels natural, but strong enough to endure any eating or drinking while still in your mouth.

Whether a temporary solution or a long-term lifestyle change, Snap-On Smile can give you the beautiful smile you’ve dreamed of! Here at Perfect Smiles STL, we can design the perfect Snap-On Smile for your upper or bottom teeth. Let us give you the confidence to smile again!

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Snap-On Smile SnapOn Smiles Before and After 1 SnapOn Smiles Before and After 2

Snap-On Smile FAQs

Does the Snap-On Smile procedure hurt?

Our procedure is completely painless. We simply take an impression of your teeth — no shots, drilling, or removal of natural teeth.

Will Snap-On Smile change my teeth?

No! Snap-On Smile will simply cover your teeth without any painful readjustments in tooth structure.

What should I expect from my Snap-On Smile visit?

During your first appointment, Dr. Singer will determine if you are a candidate for a Snap-On Smile. If you are, we will make an impression of your existing teeth. A few weeks after your first appointment, you will go in for your second brief appointment to try on your new smile so we can make any adjustments before you take your Snap-On Smile home!

Will I need to follow any special instructions to care for my Snap-On Smile?

Similar to other tooth prosthetics like lumineers and veneers, you need to take good care of your Snap-On Smile to ensure it stays bright and beautiful. When you first receive your Snap-On Smile, we will provide a special cleaning solution for your use.

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